Electric Cattle Fencing

Electric Cattle Fencing

Legacy Habitat offer a variety of Gallagher electric fencing products that are specifically tailored to the needs of cattle fencing. Grazing management may require permanent boundary fencing as well as temporary management solutions for strip grazing.

The Gallagher cattle fence products are designed to cope with these issues, providing you with effective and flexible fence systems at a variety of budgets.

Permanent Electric Cattle Fencing

The permanent cattle fence design is based on the use of Gallagher high, tensile aluminium coated plain wire.

  • 10 year product  warranty, maximising the value from your investment. The most durable of all our conductors.
  • High levels of conductivity.  The aluminium coating on the wire maximises conductivity, ensuring that the power from your energiser is maximised throughout the whole length of your fence.
  • Availability in 1.6 or 2.5mm core sizes to suit your needs and budget.

It is recommended that the high tensile wire be fitted to strutted straining posts at 50-200m centres with additional straining posts at changes in direction or acute changes in the angle of the ground. Intermediate posts can be places at 3-10m centres. The spacing of your post is dependent upon a number of factors including the nature of the ground, the required lifespan of the fence and the size of posts used.

Gallagher high tensile wire can be installed using tensioning springs rather than simply pulling and permanently fixing to a straining post, thereby ensuring a greater level of flexibility in the system. To increase ease of installation, high tensile wire can be used in conjunction with eco-post or insultimber intermediate posts. In the case of the latter, the lifespan of the fence can be increased to 20+ years.

In the case of electric cattle fencing Gallagher recommend using a minimum of two strands of high tensile wire. However the flexibility of the fence will be increased through the use of additional wire, such as where sheep are also stocked, or the fence is requires to double as a wild animal exclusion fence. Please see our installation advice link for details on fence design and the appropriate energiser for your needs.

Upgrading an Existing Fence

Where you have an existing post and rail, post and plain/barbed wire, or post and wire mesh fence, Gallagher electric fence products can be used to upgrade this to a permanent or semi-permanent electric fence.

This involves attaching offset insulators to the active side of the fence, and fitting electric fencing tape or rope to these. The design of this will depend upon the condition of the existing fence. Where the condition is good, it may only be necessary to add a top line of electrified tape or rope, where the fence is no longer stock proof it may be necessary to add further lines. In the case of cattle fencing we recommend the use of Gallagher TurboLine rope, PowerLine rope or one of the Vidoflex polywire products. Both the conductors and the offset insulators are available in white or Terra.

Temporary Electric Cattle Fencing

We are able to offer a wide range of Gallagher products suited to temporary electric cattle fencing, and the design guide will help you with your choice. Generally speaking a temporary fence consists of plastic or steel posts that are inserted into and removed from the ground by hand, in combination with a light grade conductor such as Gallagher’s Vidoflex polywire.

Gallagher offer a wide range of temporary electric fencing posts suited to cattle. Generally speaking the fence needs to have a finished height of approximately 90cm or above. Plastic posts tend to have insulator clips ready moulded into the post, while steel post use a screw or clip-on system of insulators for additional flexibility. Plastic posts, for example the Gallagher Vario post, are normally fitted with a steel spike for easy insertion into the ground and additional strength. Some metal posts are fitted with a double steel spike for additional rigidity e.g. Gallagher pigtail post or Quattro post.

Gallagher Vidoflex wire products are best suited to use with temporary electric cattle fencing. The Vidoflex range is a polywire interwoven with steel conductors, and in the case of the Vidoflex 9 wire also contains mixed metal conductors to minimise power loss over the length of the fence. The Vidoflex 3 wire is suited to fence lengths of approximately 1-500m, Vidoflex 6 is suited to fences of 1-1000m in length, and Vidoflex 9 is best suited to fences of over 1000m.

Alternatively you can use Gallagher’s Smartfence system. This is an all in one system that is an alternative product for netting, where posts, reels and wires are combined into 1 product. Quick and easy to put up and take down, it is also easy to carry and store away. The system includes: 4 wires, 10 posts, 100m length.

A Smartfence system can be erected within five minutes, has adjustable spacing on the posts to allow for coping with contours on the ground, can be used in conjunction with other Smartfence systems to increase the length of the fence.

Please see our installation advice link for details on fence design and the appropriate energiser for your needs.

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