Permenant Electric Fencing

Permenant Electric Fencing

Permanent electric fence systems are designed for long term installations and therefore require components that have a long life span and can stand the test of time. Gallagher products have been developed over a number of years to provide robust and reliable permanent electric fence systems.

Applications that might require a permanent electric fence are permanent horse paddocks, cattle fields, deer enclosures or even the more exotic captive species such as alpacas, llamas, ostriches etc. They may also be put in place to prevent animals that are considered predators or pests, such as rabbits or foxes, from entering sites and putting crops, livestock or infrastructure at risk.

Permanent electric fences can consist of many of the same elements to that of a traditional, non-electric stock fence, such as wooden strainer/corner posts, turning posts and intermediates. Tensioned, high-tensile wires may also be used in much the same way as for a traditional stock fence, but these are designed to carry a current. Metal posts can also be used. Specialist conductors such as tape are available for applications involving horses or other species, or where a high visibility line is required.

Existing permanent non-electric fences can also be upgraded to electric fences by using insulators that fix directly in to the existing fence posts. Long-reach insulators or off-set insulators can also be used so that the electrified lines are held away from the existing fences. This prevents animals coming into contact with the actual existing fence structure, preventing contact damage and prolonging the life of a fence.

Although Gallagher products carry generous guarantees, permanent electric fences will require some maintenance over time to ensure their continuity. Advanced energiser systems will help to monitor the performance of an electric fence enabling you to keep a check on, and locate and rectify any drops in performance. Replacement components are available to deal with this demand.

Some maintenance will also be required to the ground around a permanent fence. Growth of vegetation from the ground that comes in to contact with the electrified line wires of the fence will reduce the performance of the fence by earthing some of the charge. High powered energisers can cope with some vegetation growth but this should be kept to a minimum for best performance.

As well as spare parts, many accessories are available for permanent electric fence systems, such as access gate solutions, testers and feedback systems, and tools to help you maintain a fence.

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