Electric Fencing Types

Electric Fencing Types

Permanent Electric Fencing

Permanent electric fence systems are designed for long term installations and therefore require components that have a long life span and can stand the test of time. Gallagher products have been developed over a number of years to provide robust and reliable permanent electric fence systems.

Applications that might require a permanent electric fence are permanent horse paddocks, cattle fields, deer enclosures or even the more exotic captive species such as alpacas, llamas, ostriches etc. They may also be put in place to prevent animals that are considered predators or pests, such as rabbits or foxes, from entering sites and putting crops, livestock or infrastructure at risk.

Temporary Electric Fencing

Temporary electric fence systems may apply to short-term installations, or installations that need to be portable, or moveable. Components are generally designed to be easy to dismantle so that installations can be taken down at the end of their required time, or can easily be relocated to another area.

Temporary, or portable electric fences are ideal for creating enclosures for grazing animals. This means that grazing areas can be rotated to help prevent soil erosion, and to ensure a continuous supply of food to graze for the animals. Chickens, especially are known to be able to peck an area of ground bare in a very short space of time.

Kits are available for small electric fence systems, as well as pre-constructed netting systems that incorporate posts already attached to the netting for easy installation and portability.

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