Permenant Electric Fence Posts

Permenant Electric Fence Posts

Insultimber ® - Self Insulating Timber

Insultimber ® - Self Insulating Timber This type of wood features the special property that the wood is completely self-insulating, which means that no insulators are needed and that the post is extremely durable. Some Insultimber fences have been installed more than 30 years ago and still function as fences to keep livestock in or wild animals out! Insultimber is a completely natural product, without the addition of any environmentally harmful impregnation agents. The commercial exploitation is kept under strict control: a special forestry plan is operated to prevent damage to the nature and regulate planting. The post blends perfectly into the landscape. The pasts are covered by a 10 year guarantee. That means that you don’t need to use insulators, and the fence wire is fastened to the post with the connection wire.

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Eco Post - Gallagher's 'green' fencing post

Eco Post - Gallagher's 'green' fencing postThe Plastic Eco post consists of 100% recycled material (polypropylene). This material and the cross-shape ensure cast iron quality. The cross-shape also ensures the post stands firmly in the ground. You do not need any additional insulators to attach the wire. Just use fixing wire or clips. There are pre-drilled holes at the usual wire spacings and they have a 10 year guarantee.

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InsultimberSelf-insulatred Timber for permanant fencing. Up to 70% more cost effective than traditional non-electric fencing. No insulators required. Insultimber does not require chemical treatment

017904 Strainer Post 10.0x10.0cm - 2.50m £ 88.99
017898 Strainer Post 8.0x8.0cm - 2.00m £ 27.99
017997 Strut 4.0x8.0cm - 2.00m £ 14.99
007724 Post 3.8x3.8cm - 1.80m £ 16.45
007601 Post 3.8x3.8cm - 1.50m £ 9.99
007618 Dropper 3.8x2.6cm - 0.95m £ 6.45

Eco Post

InsultimberA Plastic Post, made from 100% single source, recycled material (polypropylene). The material together with the cross shaped section, guarantees the strength of the post. No insulators needed. Up to 70% more cost effective that traditional (non-electric) fencing.

009527 1.50m £ 38.45
009534 1.85m £ 32.99

Gallagher Post

InsultimberA longlife soft wood post, ideal for permanent fencing. Using these posts gives your fence and 'authentic' look.

001002 ø8cm - 1.80m £ 9.99
001019 ø8cm - 2.00m £ 12.45
017584 ø12cm - 2.50m £ 29.99


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