Pet Electric Fencing

Pet Electric Fencing

Legacy Habitat offer a variety of Gallagher electric fencing products that are specifically tailored to the needs of domestic pet fencing. The Gallagher domestic pet fence product range is designed to cope with the issues presented by dogs, cats and rabbits in a domestic setting, providing you with effective and flexible fence systems at a variety of budgets.

Gallagher offer domestic pet fencing kits that are suited to small gardens. Using this complete set you can keep your dog or cat within your garden boundaries, and keep other animals out of your garden. This system is suitable for a 3-wire fence with a total length of 25 meters. The set consists of an energizer with wall clip and earth peg, 10 plastic posts, 30 clips, 75 meters of wire, a door set for 3 wires and connecting wires. This kit is safe for children and pets, easy and quick to install and has a very low power consumption. There is also the option to purchase a 25 meter extension set comprising posts, clips and wire where additional fencing is required.

Alternatively where a bespoke system is required, Gallagher also supply domestic pet electric fencing materials individually. We recommend the use of the Gallagher 70cm PVC plastic, or 75cm hobby post for dog and cat fences, with Vidoflex 3 polywire. A suitable energiser for this system would be the M50 mains energiser, or if a battery powered option is required, the Gallagher B11 energiser.

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