Electric Fencing Products

Electric Fencing Products

Legacy Habitat supply the full range of Gallagher electric fencing products to suit all types of installation. Gallagher Europe are market leaders in the manufacture of quality and innovative electric fencing systems and offer generous guarantees on their products.

Gallagher products have been developed over many years in the market place and provide top quality components that are designed for ease of installation, range of functionality and long lasting performance.


A wide range of energisers are available to suit many different applications, budgets and available power sources. The required power output from an electric fence energiser is dictated by factors such as the length of the fence, the type of conductor used and the type of animal species for which it is intended. A calculator to help you choose an energiser can be found on the Energisers Page.

A mains electric energiser provides a robust power source where this is available, or for more permanent installations but reliable battery powered energisers are also available where mains is not available, or for portable or temporary systems. Battery powered energisers can be backed up with solar panels to help keep the batteries charged and maintain the life of the battery.


Posts provide the support for any electric fencing system. These can be of the permanent type, such as wooden posts that are knocked into the ground, as you would for a traditional permanent non-electric fence, or temporary/moveable posts. Temporary posts simply push into the ground, and can easily be removed so that a fence can be moved to a new location or dismantled for storage. Some designs of temporary post incorporate a ground spike and foot tread to aid the ease of installation.

Gallagher electric fence netting systems incorporate posts built into the netting so that a single unit can be unrolled and pushed into the ground in one.


A conductor is the main business end of an electric fence. In simple terms, this is the wire, cord or tape that creates the barrier part of the fence and through which the current travels and is conducted to the animal should it make contact with the fence.

Different species of animal and different types of fence installation require different types of conductor. Tape type conductors for instance are highly visible and also have a greater electrical contact area with the animal. This makes it especially suitable for horses that could potentially charge through a low visibility wire, and have a more sensitive skin.


The main function of an insulator is as a means of affixing the Conductor (wire) to the post. To prevent current leaks to ground through the post, insulators are made of a material that does not conduct electricity. Plastic portable posts are non conducting and generally have integral fixing points and therefore don’t require additional insulators.

Types of insulators vary depending on application and fence type, and the types of posts to which they are fixed. Offset insulators can be used so that the electrified wire or conductor is held away from the main fence structure to prevent animal from causing contact damage to the fence. These can also be useful for attaching electrified wires to a pre-existing fence.

Additional Products

The Gallagher range of electric fencing also includes many other products to complete your installation or help with servicing & maintenance.

Earthing systems are a crucial part of an electric fence, completing the circuit from the fence, through the animal to ground and back to the energiser. The specifications of the earthing system are dependant on the type of energiser used. A range of connectors are available to connect energisers to fence conductors, earthing systems, or to connect different sections of fence together. Retractable reels and gate systems help with access issues, or enable sections of electric fence to be opened and closed off depending on grazing requirements. A number of tools and testing equipment helps with installation and maintenance or aids with the diagnosis of faults in the system.

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