Temporary Electric Fencing

Temporary Electric Fencing

Temporary electric fence systems are designed for short term installations or installations that require moving on a regular basis. Gallagher produce a variety of products specifically for this purpose. Temporary fences may also be referred to as Portable Electric Fences.

A temporary electric fence may be required to create a short term holding enclosure for stock, or a moveable system that can be used to define grazing plots on a rotation basis to prevent soil erosion and damage.

Temporary electric fencing components are specifically designed with portability in mind. Many of the temporary electric fencing posts have integrated lugs so that additional insulators are not required. Most portable posts are also made of plastic, or other non-conducting material, which also eliminates that need for insulators to isolate the wires from the posts.

Temporary posts are easy to push into the ground, and then remove again. Designs incorporate a foot tread, or stirrup so that they can easily be trodden into the ground.

Temporary electric fence wires can be fed from a wire reel so that they can easily be retracted for dismantling and storage, or re-location and then feeding out again. The SmartFence T4100 incorporates all the features of a small temporary fence in one complete unit (excluding energiser) making it incredibly easy to install and dismantle. Four wires are fed from one reel with posts already fixed to the wires. The first post is pushed into the ground and the installer walks along feeding the wires and posts out as they go for up to 100m.

Complete electric fence kits, including energisers, are also available for domestic pets, Horse paddocks, poultry and other species.

Wire netting based temporary electric fence systems may be more suitable in some situations over wire based installations. Electric fence netting is available in 50m rolls and incorporate posts affixed to the netting that are easily pushed into the ground. Various netting profiles are available to suit the species for which they are intend. A netting based system provides a very secure barrier.

To aid the portability of a temporary fence, a battery energiser can be used so that fence location is not determined by mains power supplies. Solar panels can also be incorporated to provide backup power and to keep batteries charged.

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